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References from Stolbau Eko

References from Stolbau Eko


Stolbau Eko Sp. Z o.o., with headquarters in Szczecin, is a construction company that has been operating for almost three decades, engaged in the thermal modernization of multi-family residential buildings.

Their activities focus on:

- comprehensive execution of elevations
- insulating ceilings with cellulose or mineral wool
- insulating basement ceilings
- insulating ceilings of garages and underground parking lots

The company's history began in 1995, and since then Stolbau Eko has had many significant milestones and achievements.

INTENSE at Customers

The company focuses on continuous development and innovation in the Polish market.


Anna Lakomiak-Melka Vice President of Stolbau admits in a reference letter that she is aware of the challenges of prospering in today's market. And what digitization steps need to be taken to face them.

"A growing company needs a tailored IT system to function smoothly and for the smooth flow of data" - admits Ms Anna Lakomiak-Melka.

The easy adaptation of the INTENSE Platform to the current needs of Stolbau Eko is because it is a low-code/no-code system, which makes it extremely flexible and adaptable to evolving requirements.

 "We were persuaded to choose the INTENSE Platform by the flexibility and comprehensiveness of the solution, as well as by the implementation experience of the manufacturer of this software, especially the one related to the construction industry." - reports Ms Anna Lakomiak-Melka

Stolbau Eko was looking for a system aimed at the construction industry, which could primarily support employees in project management, budget control and electronic document workflow.


We have implemented a wide range of functionalities at our client, tailored to the company's requirements, as well as to the specific needs of the construction industry, including:

- flow of various types of documents (including letters, invoices, offers or contracts)
registration and handling of projects,
creation of related schedules and budgets,
- creation of calendars for employees involved in project work.

All this has been supplemented with a system of alerts and notifications, definable reports, web and mobile interface, and integration of the INTENSE Platform with the organization's current financial and accounting system.


The INTENSE platform has become an integral part of the infrastructure of many companies. In its reference letter, Stolbau Eko emphasizes that "the Platform accompanies almost every element of the business."

Thanks to a well-conducted needs analysis and commitment, INTENSE consultants managed to provide Stolbau Eko with a tool that effectively meets the expectations of the entire organization.

The result is satisfactory, which Ms Anna Lakomiak-Melka confirms in the following words, referring to the INTENSE Platform:

"We are pleased with its flexibility and the fact that it allows us to stay on course for the development of our company. The implementation process went smoothly, and the result is satisfactory to us. So from this place, we can recommend this solution to potential customers."

Our system really can revolutionize the way companies do business. With the INTENSE Platform, companies gain not only efficiency but also the confidence to take on the challenges of the future.

INTENSE Group Team