Competencies and development

Competencies and development

INTENSE GROUP is a Team of experienced analysts, designers, programmers and advisors, constantly supervising the development of competencies and acquisition of knowledge.

INTENSE platform is manufactured according to the restrictive technological and quality requirements. The system, as one of the few of this class in Poland, has passed independent tests in laboratories in China and France and obtained a certificate of conformity with Microsoft Windows.

The systems we have created operate in enterprises and listed companies from various industries, including, for instance, trade, design and construction, energy, development, printing, food, accounting offices, automotive, cosmetics, and others.

Only in the construction industry, INTENSE solutions have been distinguished many times by independent experts who had granted the unique awards TOP BUILDER 2012, TOP BUILDER 2015 and LAURY BUILDERA 2016 to the INTENSE platform system.

INTENSE GROUP’s competencies are primarily confirmed by dozens of successful implementation programs carried out,
as well as the obtained references.

Research and development


The company invests more than 1/3 of income in research and development of their own products every year.
This puts INTENSE Group amongst the most innovative manufacturers of software in Poland.


Almost all of INTENSE Group’s income comes from the sale of own products and services.
The company focuses on its basic activity, but it is also able to meet almost all expectations of Customers.


The integrated INTENSE Platform system is already in its second decade of development.
A multi-module, integrated system in customer-server architecture, enriched with access to a browser and interface for mobile devices..