Who are we

Who are we

INTENSE GROUP is the Polish manufacturer and supplier of modern IT solutions, supporting the efficient management of the enterprise, specialized in the following areas:

  • Circulation of work and documentation
  • Management and automation of business processes (BPM)
  • Project management and budgeting
  • System integration (Enterprise Service Bus)
  • Business Intelligence, controlling, and management accounting

INTENSE GROUP builds its success on two pillars: an innovative, comprehensive product and experienced, competent employees. The annual growth and development of the enterprise allow it to make multi-million investments in research and development.

INTENSE GROUP has been operating on the market since 2006. The company was established to provide a response to the growing expectations in relation to IT systems supporting management. The flagship product, INTENSE Platform, is a unique and comprehensive solution for enterprises, which make it possible to model almost any business processes, increase the efficiency of operational activity, limit costs and optimize activities.

The annual development of INTENSE GROUP is proof that the company’s offer has met the needs of medium-sized and large enterprises, as well as listed companies and branches of international corporations in many industries.

The company’s vision is not focused only on the achievement of business goals.

"We want to be a medium-sized company, very advanced in technological terms and competent; our products and services must be built on our knowledge, continually developed, and open to innovations. We want to know more than the competition, to be the best partner for our Customers and offer solutions which are the most appropriate in given situations. We want to make the HUMAN BEING the subject of our activities: a satisfied Customer, a satisfied User, and a satisfied Employee. We are going to consistently build a company, whose position on the Polish and European market will grow in significance, and working in it will be a challenge and a pleasure for Employees.”