Business intelligence

Business intelligence

Modern solutions for multidimensional analyzes and reporting

Data Warehouse

INTENSE Platform provides the tools to create and manage a dedicated data warehouse. Thanks to its creation we achieve:

  • Separation of analytical and operational base
  • Focusing data on quick readings, thus increasing the performance of reporting
  • Possibility of advanced integration of data from many sources
  • Independent system of rights to analytical part
  • Possibility to model analytical data in many scenarios
  • Independence from financial and accounting processes
  • Possibility to apply and assemble breakdowns
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Flexible reporting

Preparation of data is one thing; their efficient sharing is something else altogether. INTENSE Platform allows you to create and manage the report repository.

  • The possibility to create the report tree in the structure of the company, corporation and user
  • Advanced rights to reports and data
  • Several types of reports, charts and indicators
  • Integration with Excel
  • Sharing reports in the system, browser and on mobile devices
  • Automatic distribution of reports and notifications
  • Intuitive creators of lists and reports
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Complex tools

The solution of Business Intelligence class can be built in a number of ways. However, this is about making this process the fastest, the cheapest, and most of all efficient. An even more important issue, and often the most difficult, is the subsequent maintenance and operation of the BI solution as well as its openness to changes and extensions.

Therefore, the selection of tools which comprehensively support these requirements is so important.

INTENSE Platform provides the modules for transformation and data cleaning from the source systems (IDT), their integration (IDI), modeling and transformation (IDM), management of automation and notifications (IAM), combination with plans and budgets (IBM) as well as sharing in the form of reports (IDV), and even process supplementation (IWF). Everything in one, tested and efficient environment.

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Data integration

In solutions of the Business Intelligence class, we almost always deal with the need for data integration from many, often very different, sources. The definition of link structures and their management between various systems and sets of data used by different companies in a group, departments, branches or centers is a significant challenge. These can be ERP, CRM, Call Center systems, Internet applications B2B and B2C etc. - the list is very long and varied.

INTENSE Data Integration (IDI) module is the answer to the needs of linking and unifying various information introduced to the data warehouse. It enables to map the source dictionaries, additional data cleaning and their consolidation, thanks to which they become a coherent source of multi-dimensional and multi-source analytical information.

The tool lets you also manage conflicts between the sources as well as to provide dictionaries managed centrally.

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Data modeling

The essence of the Business Intelligence system is the possibility to transform the data obtained from the source systems so as to enable the obtainment of specific analytical models or foresee the business future based on the assumed scenarios.

INTENSE Data Modeler (IDM) module, thanks to the ability to create its own breakdowns, coefficients, methods of allocation and analytical models provides the possibility of building own combinations. Equipped with a creator of analytical fields, it lets users prepare multi-dimensional analytical areas, based on the data registered in the warehouse or operational part of INTENSE Platform.

Thanks to this, IDM constitutes a tool which makes it possible to implement and actively use the selected controlling methods, for example, ABC (Activity Based Costing), Kaizen, KPI (Key Performance Indicators) for Balanced Scorecard (BSC) and others.

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Analytical areas, reporting and automation

Data transformed to the warehouse, integrated and modeled are not yet ready to be analyzed.

In many cases, it is extremely facilitating in the construction of analysis to first prepare business objects in the form of multi-dimensional analytical areas (so-called OLAP cube). INTENSE Platform provides a set of predefined standard areas, as well as the tools for the construction of dedicated cubes.

The complex report system (INTENSE Data Viewer – IDV) enables to create and distribute several types of reports, while taking into account access rights, from various interfaces (window application, www browser, mobile devices).

Automats (INTENSE Robotic Process Automation) work well at every stage of the BI solution by managing the transformations, integration, calculation and distribution of reports, as well as monitoring the work of the entire environment and informing the administrators about every anomaly.

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Example applications

INTENSE Business Intelligence Platform gives you the ability to create reproducible data warehouses, dedicated to specific areas and systems, as well as very complex solutions built for individual needs.

The largest applications of INTENSE Platform integrate more than 50 source systems and several hundred data sets in the data warehouse, transforming the operational data into analytical structures. Several thousand users (from chairpersons of the board, through managerial staff, to line operators) take advantage of the tens of thousands of reports created in INTENSE Platform.

  • Consolidation of data for the needs of stock reports.
  • Joint reporting for groups of companies
  • Reporting on the progress of implementation of plans and execution of budgets
  • Automatic distribution of daily indicative reports adjusted to the user’s needs
  • Sharing data from different sources, management of central or integrated dictionaries
  • Creation of controlling models, e.g. using the ABC (Activity Based Costing) method
  • Standard analytical areas (Sale, Orders, Incomes and Costs, Cashflow, etc.)
  • Automation of the calculation of complex reports and sending results at night
  • The use of cost breakdowns, e.g. remunerations, to calculate the result on the projects
  • Imposing the general costs on defined responsibility centers
  • Forecasting in different scenarios, what-if analysis
  • Creation and settlement of complex schemes of remunerations or bonuses, dependent on plans, incomes and costs
  • Downloading of data to HD in full and incremental modes
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