INTENSE Low-Code Platform

The most comprehensive low-code/no-code system available on the market.

A very flexible and multitasking system engineered for process digitalization (BPM), automation (RPA) and integration (ESB).

Enables building various business applications, perfectly tailored to the needs of companies operating in countless industries.

If you are looking for modern, complex and flexible system to assist you in growing your business, INTENSE Platform is the best choice.

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Main modules

INTENSE Low-Code Engine

Click and ready!

You can build and modify all parts of the system without programming.

Configuration tool enables creating web, mobile (iOS, Android) and desktop applications.

Everything in one environment. We use technology of the future in order to provide incomparably ergonomic and reliable system.

  • INTENSE Platform Main Modules

INTENSE Business Process Management

What kind of processes can you implement in INTENSE Platform?

Every process, even the most specific to your field can be modeled and run in the system.

INTENSE specialists and experts are always keen on assisting you in your digital transformation.

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INTENSE Robotic Process Automation

Efficiently eliminates mass-scale, repetitive tasks. Relieves users of time consuming routine tasks.

RPA is meant for scaling up your business and boosting work efficiency.

Employees can focus on the essential aspects of their work, leading to streamlined processes and improved productivity

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INTENSE Enterprise Service Bus

It is a low-code, multifunctional tool, which you can use for multiple sources’ data integration.

This module provides several methods of data synchronization. It is capable of adapting to unique connectors of an extensive range of systems.

Enterprise Service Bus gathers, updates and exchanges data in a very fast and secure way. It ensures that everything works like one coherent organism.

  • INTENSE Platform Main Modules

INTENSE Business Intelligence

Package of three connected modules: INTENSE Data Transformation, INTENSE Data Modeler and INTENSE Data Viewer.

With this combination you can create advanced controlling models and OLAP cubes. Data visualization adjusts to your needs and report type.

Business Intelligence consists of management dashboards, indicators cockpits, diagrams and pivot tables. It will undoubtedly be very useful in decision-making processes.

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INTENSE Project Management & Budget Manager

It is a financial and operational planning tool that supports revenue and expenses budgeting processes.

Additionaly, you can keep your work on track with interactive Gantt chart. Project dashboards gather all project data in one central place ie. documents, budgets, schedulers, and reports.

All these features allow managers to mantain a high-level overview of the projects and tasks progress.

  • INTENSE Platform Main Modules

INTENSE Warehouse Manager

This module is programmed for goods inventory and constant stock levels monitoring.

You can use barcodes and QR codes scanners thanks to which your work will run smoothly.

The Warehouse Manager oversees automations for processes such as completion and stock-taking, facilitating efficient management of inbound and outbound traffic within the warehouse

It is also possible to integrate this module with other data sources: ERP, MES, e-commerce, TMS, and couriers webservices in order to build an unified logistic system.

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INTENSE Manufacturing Manager

With this module you can manage entire manufacturing process: starting from manufacturing orders calculations and overseeing all operations managment ending with production order’
settelments and results.

This module is fundamental in bringing efficency to manufacturing processes, namely calculations of production orders, tracking of all manufacturing operations, payment settlements, and production orders.

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INTENSE Inventory Manager

This system ensures building multilevel property structure. You can register fixed assets cards and entire equipment.

The application will assist you in organizing various processes including: stock-taking, rental, warehousing, or servicing.

It is also designed for depreciation and settling fixed assets, the data generated from these tasks is transfered to the ERP System automatically.

You can also use this module with your lease agreements workflow and automate all operations: valorisation, annexing and currency conversion.

This application can generate invoices and settle accounts in a blink of an eye, and in accordance to the schedule.

  • Feature IM

INTENSE Time Tracking

This module greatly simplifies time management. Plan, register and create decreeing working time of people, machines, and appliances.

Timesheets are adjusted to the company’s specifications. Filling forms is very comfortable for employees with INTENSE Mobile App. They can do it using their smartphones.

Space of tasks time tracking was equipped with panels of indicators and reports. Everything is connected with alerts and notifications.

The module offers calendar view and interactive Gantt chart.

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Supporting modules

INTENSE Optical Character Recognition

You don’t have to enter documents data to the system manually. This module automates filling in forms based on attached files.

Application reads e.g. pdf files and recognizes essential data: date of payment, date of purchase, amounts, prices, account number, customer details, and even tables within the documents.

Time savings guaranteed! It really does accelerate document’s workflows

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INTENSE Artificial Intelligence

It is a very powerful tool, which can help you in achieving goals, growing your business and becoming more competitive on the market.

AI combined with BPM allows for automating routine tasks, process streamlining, and effective data analysis.

It is equipped with an intelligent search engine for the document’s lists data – natural language is converted into relevant filters.

INTENSE AI is based on machine learning. Dedicated models are trained to help users in process handling e.g. speeding up data entry to the e-documents.

AI anomalies detection helps in discovering potencial threats, it allows for quick reaction and minimization of risk materialization

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Power of various add-ons which enhance your system’s usability.

You can choose from many options, and adjust it  to your company’s needs and type of operations.

e-Payments function allows you to pay directly via INTENSE Platform. You also have the ability to use the electronic signature to authenticate documents.

Standardized post services connector is one of the INTENSE add-ons which you can use for streamlining the process of sending physical letters.

INTENSE Printout templates is a dynamic way of altering electronic documents that makes printouts more flexible.

INTENSE is ready for the integration with various ERPs with our pre-sets that let you easily exchange data between systems.

Single Sign On is a function which improves security of the data within the application, you can use it for the authorization as you login to the system.

  • INTENSE Platform Main Modules
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