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Is artificial intelligence a temporary fashion or the future of business?

On October 28, 2020, we participated in the 12th International Scientific Conference of the College of Management and Quality Sciences at the Cracow University of Economics (Knowledge - Economy - Society).

Knowledge base
How to have an IT system implemented.

Piotr Ukowski

I realize that an article under this title, written by an IT company representative, immediately sounds suspicious. That's right, I am a party in the processes of implementing information systems. So can I be objective? Probably not quite, though I will try. The following text should not be treated as a recipe for everything, but I think it is worth getting acquainted with it and enriching your knowledge with another (business-oriented, not technologically-oriented) voice of a practitioner. The title of the article intentionally ends with a full stop; I assumed that I would try to provide answers, not questions. I also used the perfective tense, because implemented is a bit harder than implementing.