INTENSE Platform

INTENSE Platform

A tool for digital transformation of your business

The INTENSE platform, from the foundation of its assumptions, is to respond to the needs and problems in the scope of activity, as well as operational and strategic management. It all starts with asking questions:

  • Is the circulation of work, documents and tasks in the company satisfactory? Do we always know what has to be done, by whom and when? Do we have the control tools?
  • Do we automate processes which could be performed without people?
  • Do we know how much we earn and what we make money on? Do we have this information on an ongoing basis? And do we need this information at all?
  • Do we need a tool for budgeting other than Excel? Do we have current information on the implementation of plans?
  • Is the enterprise composed of several entities? Is data consolidation a problem?
  • Do we provide correct reports to appropriate persons on time? Are the data protected and their scope adjusted to the recipient’s authorizations?
  • Does the company have several different IT systems which are difficult to integrate?

If there are unsatisfactory answers, it is worth considering the deployment of the right system.

What are the IT needs of an enterprise?

Here, other important questions must be asked concerning the IT system itself:

  • Do we want to support as many processes of the enterprise as possible with one system?
  • Do we care about the maximum flexibility of the solution and the possibility to adjust to individual needs?
  • Do we expect high performance and scalability of the solution?
  • Do we want to integrate the new system with those which are already operating in the company (including ERP)?
  • Do we expect the possibility of development to other areas of activity, if there is such a need in the future?
  • Do we care about a modern but tested solution written in the latest technologies?
  • Is it important for us to have the possibility to use implementation, consulting and expert services?
  • Do we expect a high quality of the post-implementation service and the right to new system versions?
  • Is operational stability of the system important to us, confirmed in many complicated installations?
What does “right” mean?
If you answer YES to most of the questions, then it is worth looking at the offer of
INTENSE Platform more closely.
INTENSE Platform
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