Project management

Project management

Comprehensive project planning and monitoring at every stage

Actual influence on the conducted business

  • Complete control of the entire lifecycle of the project, including with the use of the EVA (Earned Value Analysis) method
  • Current information on exceeding budgets without having to wait for the accounting result
  • Increase in the project’s average margin
  • Reducing the number of delays in project implementation
  • Improving planning, implementation, and settlement of the effects of running projects
  • Flexible adjustment to the specificity of the conducted projects
  • Optimizing project costs
  • Improving cooperation with sub-contractors by sharing the portal for support of cooperation with B2B
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Daily working tool of the project managers

  • Remote access, including mobile, to complete project documentation
  • Full control over the availability of the company’s resources and optimization of their use
  • Increase of the employees’ involvement and improvement of information flow
  • Comprehensive management of the workflow
  • Budgeting and scheduling projects
  • Change and risk management
  • Automatic notifications and alerts
  • Project management

Comprehensive project management

INTENSE Platform, in terms of functionality, covers the support of all processes: from the stage of project acquisition to their complete, controlling settlement.

It enables, among others, to register, circulate and archive any documents, as well as automatically assign objects to the created structure of the project tree. It makes it possible to import, export and calculate the cost estimates. It lets you also to create the “rolling” budgets and project schedules based on them.

In connection with resource management, registration and assignment of working time, as well as the definable reports and automatic alerts, it provides complete support at every stage of project implementation.

  • Main advantages and functions

Ongoing control of costs, time and scope of the project

Registration of a new project ensures the possibility of costs endorsement already at the stage of operating the tender processes, enabling you to analyze the costs of the obtaining the order and optimizing activities. Any income or cost documents registered in the system can be described by controlling dimensions, including both project costs and general costs. Thanks to this, it is possible to continuously control the project costs without having to wait for the accounting result.

Controlling description may concern different documents, such as:

  • cost invoices
  • warehouse documents
  • delegations
  • external and internal orders
  • wage costs assigned according to the allocation key based on the registration and assignment of the working time (RCP).

One can create a budget for every project (if necessary, divided into parts) to which the data from implementation are automatically compared.

INTENSE Platform offers the module for analysis and reporting, where it is possible to define various types of reports, along with their broad distribution amongst the registered subscribers.

  • Project management

Intuitive work in the system

The clear and legible interface of the system has received recognition amongst many design companies. Thanks to the optimally organized structures of windows in the system, the use of project trees, personalized graphics, easy and intuitive possibilities to find data, the operators can quickly start to efficiently work with the system.

The specially constructed Project Manager Panel groups all the tasks and documents of the running projects in one place.

In addition to the standard window interface, the browser and mobile version of access to documents is also possible. Thanks to this, the authorized user can obtain the information needed and take appropriate actions from any place in the world with access to the Internet.

  • Project management

Unique possibilities of adjusting to the individual needs of the enterprise

Thanks to the definable processes of workflow, their easy modification and flexible control of the system, the Platform can be applied in companies conducting construction, developer projects, as well as in production companies, project offices, marketing agencies or other organizations performing project support.

The possibility of close integration with the used financial and accounting systems as well as other sub-systems, e.g. of metering machines or devices, lets you automate the processes of acquiring, processing and analyzing data, while ensuring optimal adjustment of the solution to the different needs and sizes of organizations.

  • Project management
Exemplary applications

Projet management requires modern and flexible IT solutions. INTENSE Platform, in addition to technologically advanced support of all processes associated with project management and teamwork, offers high configurability, which is unique in the market. As a result, it meets the specialized requirements of project managers and is a response to growing market needs.

The system has been tested in numerous construction, development, and design companies, in printing, media, commercial, service industries. Every day, the INTENSE Platform supports:

  • Construction and assembly of projects on a large scale
  • Development projects
  • Project printing production
  • Equipment and Transport Base Management
  • Working time and machine park management
  • Marketing projects
  • Management of the processes of introducing new products in production companies
  • Management of the processes of opening new stores, branches
  • Managing IT projects
  • and many more...
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