Budgeting and controlling

Budgeting and controlling

System for effective financial planning

INTENSE Platform helps with processing the data into knowledge necessary to make the right decisions and ensures the mechanisms of information circulation in the company.

  • Complete control over the company’s budgets implementation (financial, design, sale and others)
  • Finding bottlenecks in the enterprise (Business Process Improvement)
  • Quick access to multi-dimensional analysis
  • Development and efficient implementation of the company’s development strategy
  • Time savings resulting from the automation of work
  • Complete integration with other systems operating in the enterprise
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Plan and implementation

INTENSE Platform facilitates and automates the combination of data in plan and implementation scenarios.

  • Possibility to create any deep budget structures, including the generation and merging of sub-budgets, online and offline planning
  • Advanced controlling of executed projects based on the used methods, for instance EVA (Earned Value Analysis)
  • Support for many budget scenarios
  • Construction and management of multi-source, multi-dimensional data warehouse
  • Extended viewer of reports, supporting many types of analysis, available also via www and from mobile devices
  • Advanced management of access rights to data
  • Automatic notifications about exceeding the budget
  • Data modeling, breakdowns, analytical models, etc.
  • Possibility of strategic planning and BSC (Balanced Scorecard) support
  • Support for controlling methods, including ABC (Activity Based Costing)
  • Budgeting & controlling

Comprehensive solution for management, controlling and analyses

INTENSE Platform, in addition to documents circulation and the possibility to manage the projects of company resources, also lets you implement advanced solutions, controlling methods of enterprise management. It collects the data from different sources, which allows you to create specific analytical areas, thanks to which the management board of the company is able to make efficient planning decisions, as well as coordinate the conduct of all processes of the enterprise.

Such a comprehensive solution lets you optimize the processes from planning to implementation and efficiently report the progress.

  • Main advantages and functions

Data warehouse

INTENSE Platform provides the tools which make it possible to create and manage a multi-source data warehouse, where the information on plans and implementation as well as simulated and modeled scenarios for the future are stored and processed.

By separating the operational and analytical base, the system lets you maintain the high performance of business processes supported by the simultaneous provision of quick and efficient reporting.

  • Budgeting & controlling

Flexible budgeting

Every company is different; each has its own needs within the scope of planning. Therefore, INTENSE Platform ensures:

  • Full configurability - one’s own definitions of budgets, sub-budgets, planning structures
  • Online and offline budgeting
  • Simple administrative interface - the possibility to manage the system without external support
  • Support of many types of budgeting: financial, of projects, quantitative, valuable, etc.
  • Possibility of generating any breakdowns and assemble them many times
  • Support for controlling methods, including ABC
  • Support of many types of reports
  • Advanced cooperation with Excel
  • Definable schemes of information circulation
  • Budgeting & controlling

Advanced reporting and automation

Correct presentation of the data held is the key to their correct interpretation. INTENSE Platform offers a comprehensive reporting system, ensuring:

  • Advanced management of access rights to reports and data
  • Management of reports (report book) in the multi-level structure
  • Creation and distribution of over a dozen types of reports and charts
  • Automation of analysis calculation and support of subscription
  • Access to reports from mobile devices and www browser
  • Budgeting & controlling
Example applications

INTENSE Platform within the area of controlling and budgeting is an innovative solution for medium and large enterprises as well as corporations and multi-company structures. It works perfectly also in design companies.

  • Project budgeting
  • Budgeting of incomes and costs
  • Operation and strategic reporting
  • Integration with ERP systems within the scope of data acquisition
  • Construction of analytical models
  • Implementation of BSC in the enterprise
  • Performance of complex cost breakdowns
  • Costs and income assignment
  • Reporting the execution of budgets
  • Merging of partial budgets
  • Integration of data from many sources
  • Construction of OLAP analytical areas
  • Consolidation of the result in multi-company structures
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