INTENSE BPM - Document workflow

INTENSE BPM - Document workflow

Effective digitization and automation of business processes

For the entire enterprise

  • The possibility to create a permanent competitive advantage based on the efficient management of information and circulation of documents
  • Fast access to a safe and flexible archive of tasks and documents
  • More efficient use of the company’s resources
  • Automation of repeatable activities
  • Lower costs of the flexible adjustment of the system to the changing environment
  • Noticeable reduction of administration costs (among others the costs of shipping and copies of documents, phones, etc.)
  • Significant acceleration of customer and cases support
  • Complete integration with other internal systems
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For the management staff

  • Ordering and optimization of implemented business processes
  • Efficient support of decision-making and management processes, as well as controlling the endorsement of costs.
  • Easy delegation, monitoring of tasks and assessment of work efficiency
  • Regular control of costs, even during the acceptance process
  • Effective data protection against unauthorized persons
  • Support of everyday work with a configurable system of automatic alerts and messages
  • Current modeling, optimization, and creation of new processes
  • Document  <br>circulation

INTENSE BPM is much more than a system of documents circulation

The system can support the processes of scanning, registration, analytical endorsement, circulation, archiving and searching for the most frequently used types of documents, such as registers of letters, internal demand, costs invoices, agreements, holiday requests, delegations or circulars. The software provides the possibility of attaching files, as well as optional use of automatic text recognition mechanisms (OCR).

A unique feature is using definable calculation logic on individual fields of registered types of documents and the creation of functions that verify the correctness of the data entered. Along with the flexible modeling of workflow processes, this ensures broad possibilities of automation of business processes and improved work efficiency.

  • Main advantages and functions

Flexible adjustment to the internal processes of the enterprise

INTENSE Platform, as BPM class software, provides a set of tools for the individual modification or expansion of the installation by new objects and processes, allowing you to register virtually any information.

High configurability of the system lets you define your own, dedicated types of documents and forms along with the advanced paths of business processes support. Thanks to its unique architecture, the software can provide a precise reflection of procedures assumed in the enterprise management model, also making it possible to quickly adapt the system to the changing environment. Therefore, the Platform is a “key” configured IT solution, which does not require dedicated software. This feature undoubtedly distinguishes the INTENSE Business Process Management system from the competition.

  • Document  <br>circulation

High security and data confidentiality

The system offers secure authorization of users as well as extended and multi-level management of access rights to individual functions, processes, documents, fields selected on forms and other definable objects.

The solution includes the possibility of working in multi-company structure, e.g. for capital groups or companies providing services in B2B model. Broad possibilities of configuration ensure high security, constant control and quick modification of permissions. Thanks to these and many other functions, the INTENSE Platform effectively protects important information, which is one of the most valuable components of an enterprise’s assets.

  • Document  <br>circulation

Instant access to consistent information

All information recorded in the system can be quickly and efficiently found in a number of ways. The INTENSE Platform lets you filter and browse the database of the registered documents by any parameters, and it gives you the possibility to export data outside.

Interface clarity, which characterizes the INTENSE system, is supported by the personalized graphical identification, through which it is possible to connect matters with any symbols and icons. As a whole, it ensures comfort of use and time-saving.

Working with the system may take place using a standard window interface, as well as through a browser and mobile version, available on Android and iPhopne smartphones. Thanks to this, the authorized user has the possibility to obtain the information needed and take appropriate actions from any place in the world with access to the Internet.

  • Document  <br>circulation

A number of unique mechanisms and functions of the INTENSE Platform

  • Tools for the personal definition of any business processes and objects
  • Automation of scanning and simultaneous registration of many documents using the OCR tool
  • Extensive system of rights, access to documents and scope of data
  • Complete integration with other systems in the enterprise
  • Support with an intelligent system of automatic alerts and messages
  • Advanced reporting, report book (INTENSE Data Viewer)
  • Controlling and analysis of processes
  • Multi-dimensional archiving and searching for documents
  • Work in multi-company mode
  • Possibility of expanding by a completely integrated project management module (INTENSE Project Manager)
  • Document  <br>circulation
Exemplary applications

Due to the very high flexibility and modern technology of INTENSE Business Process Management software, it is widely used in many industries. It deals with the management of business processes very efficiently both in corporations and multi-company structures, groups of cooperating enterprises as well as in medium and large companies.
The INTENSE Business Process Management system is used by thousands of users in over a hundred organizations every day.

The implemented solutions include:

  • Support of correspondence logs along with printouts for the post office
  • Circulation of invoices with controlling description, as well as OCR mechanisms and barcodes.
  • Automation of processes of electronic invoices circulation and integration with e-mail
  • Processes of registration and settlement of delegations (i.a. automatic calculation of mileage)
  • Registration and management of agreements together with alerts on deadlines
  • Dedicated processes of registering contacts with Customers (CRM)
  • Modeled sale processes and post-sale service for Customers
  • Support of complaint and service processes
  • Definable processes of debt recovery
  • Process management of production orders
  • Support of processes for creating new products or investments
  • Management of ISO documentation and audits
  • Processes of evaluating and registering the qualifications of employees, suppliers, partners
  • Support of HR processes, training, definable surveys
  • Exchange of documents with external entities in B2B model
  • And many more applications...
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