Industry solutions

Industry solutions

Full configurability and adjustment to the specifics of the business

Tested system

IT is an industry of constant searching, research and development.

INTENSE Platform is manufactured in the most modern technologies, taking into account the needs in three areas: the business strategy of INTENSE Group, requirements of new projects as well as development suggestions, provided by the current customers. Therefore, since the very beginning, for more than 40 subsequent versions (currently 3 versions per year are produced), the system has been and still is designed based on real experiences in many industries.

As a result, INTENSE Platform accumulates the knowledge and experience from several hundred projects, being a stable, tested solution, and at the same time offers wide configuration possibilities, allowing you to take into account the character of specific industries and recipients. Thanks to this, the customer receives a stabilized and constantly developed system, suited to their needs and comparable to “custom” written software, in a significantly shorter time and at a lower price; moreover, it is possible to easily expand the installation with further modules in the future.

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Experienced team

Next to the product, the second key advantage of INTENSE Group is its experienced team. The average service of employees is almost 5 years of work with INTENSE Platform and almost 10 years of knowledge in management systems. Every executed implementation develops the company’s knowledge base, it is the subject of internal training, and enriches documentation. Then it provides information for the production of subsequent versions of the system.

INTENSE Group’s personnel is supplemented by authorized partners, who since 2007 have implemented several dozens of projects based on the Platform. Each company has undergone intense training within this scope and is able to provide services at the highest level.

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Construction and development industry

INTENSE Platform operates in several thousand enterprises operating in construction (road, construction industry, installation companies) and development. Awarded many times, it has been fighting for the title of industry leader; it supports the following processes:

  • Management of construction projects
  • Support of the tendering process
  • Budgeting and controlling of processes, margin reports
  • Cost estimation and cooperation with Norma type systems
  • Management of equipment and the transport base, as well as the assets
  • Support of costs along with analytical endorsement
  • Cooperation with subcontractors
  • Documents management
  • Scheduling projects
  • Support of bituminous mix plants and laboratories
  • Integration with ERP systems
  • Support of agreements, including rent agreements
  • Support of commercialization
  • Settlement of media and rents
  • Operation in multi-companies system, including the support of special purpose vehicles
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Service industry

High configurability and flexibility of INTENSE Platform works well in service companies characterized by a great specificity of operations. The system gives you the ability to handle advanced processes and ensure cooperation with other subsystems in the company:

  • Complete, definable circulation of work
  • Flexible system of service requests
  • Cooperation with websites
  • Support of shipments and integration with carrier companies
  • Multilingual interface
  • Mobile access
  • Management of complaint notifications
  • Tendering, cost estimating and budgeting of projects
  • Debt recovery support
  • System of notifications and alerts
  • Relations with contractors and customers
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Design and manufacture industry

INTENSE Platform supports the implementation of very different undertakings: from IT projects, through engineering, construction, investments to advertizing.

  • Cost estimating and budgeting of projects
  • Controlling of projects and reporting
  • Management of documentation and the archive
  • The process of contractor/subcontractor selection and agreements management
  • Tendering and CRM
  • Scheduling projects
  • Management of risk and change
  • Support of warranty and security
  • Management of the process of designing and implementing new products
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Trade industry

The trade industry is subject to dynamic changes. In addition to traditional sales in trade facilities, the share of the Internet channel is growing, the importance of post-sale and warranty service is increasing, the requirements towards logistics and accommodation are changing. INTENSE Platform is implemented for the support of work circulation, controlling, as well as system integration.

  • Budgeting of sales, margin, retrograde margin, etc.
  • Calculation of the margin of higher levels
  • Multi-dimensional reporting of sales
  • Assessment of promotions and discount systems
  • Complaints support
  • Debt recovery support
  • Integration of systems (ESB integration bus)
  • Cooperation with high storage systems
  • Service system for trade facilities
  • Management of shipments and integration with courier systems
  • Management of processes of expansion and opening of new locations
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Automotive industry

The sale, rental and service of cars, along with consolidation across the industry, is a huge challenge for IT systems in many areas. INTENSE Platform is a tool helping to organize the circulation of work and documents, share/unify the reporting as well as ensure the exchange of data between many systems.

  • Integration and consolidation of analytical data
  • Advanced reporting
  • Support of agreements and leasing invoices
  • Automation of costs support (including OCR)
  • Customer’s matrices, CRM and marketing campaigns
  • Policies management
  • Reporting for importers
  • Cooperation with dedicated sale systems and F/K
  • Integration bus (ESB)
  • Industry solutions

INTENSE Platform has been developed and implemented since 2006. Many years of experience in several hundred projects implemented in over one hundred enterprises – this is the capital of INTENSE Group and its authorized partners.

INTENSE system operates in the following industries:

  • Construction (road, residential construction, installation companies)
  • Commercial
  • Printing
  • Automotive (sale and service)
  • Logistics (vehicle, rail and sea transport)
  • Development (construction and commercialization)
  • Energy
  • Design
  • IT
  • Service
  • Service
  • Fuels
  • Media and campaign
  • Medical
  • Production
  • Food
  • Financial and accounting, audit and consulting
  • Farming
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