Allcon Budownictwo confirms the quality of INTENSE Platform

Allcon Budownictwo confirms the quality of INTENSE Platform


INTENSE Platform has repeatedly found recipients among representatives of the construction industry. As a producer of this software, we are proud to speak of many awards that we have been awarded for our implementations in construction industry. In this case, it is not surprising that we have another reference letter we have received from a company with almost 30 years of experience in the construction project market.

Allcon Budownictwo is a general contractor for construction projects, which implements its projects mainly in the Tri-City area. Numerous rewards and certificates make it clear that Allcon is distinguished by professionalism and dynamic development.

INTENSE Platform has been operating in Allcon since 2015. Since then, the client has expanded its installation several times, which includes a number of different processes related to workflow and reporting. In this way, the client sums up the benefits of implementing INTENSE Platform:

‘INTENSE platform provides us with support for various types of documents, from their registration, through verification, circulation, assignment, to archiving and integration with other systems. These functionalities are supplemented by a module that automates the work of the system, which minimizes the participation of employees in the circulation of documents and significantly speeds up our work.


After several years, we can confirm that INTENSE Platform has allowed us to significantly organize the documentation and optimize selected processes.’

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