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Let's sail the ocean of dreams - IT 2023 REGATTA

Let's sail the ocean of dreams - IT 2023 REGATTA


Hey, let's set sail
To the ports of our dreams!
The yacht is ready,
Come on then, sailors.


As early as this week, our brave INTENSE Sailing Team, under the command of Kornel Kasprzyk, will take part in the next Sailing Championship of Poland's IT industry.
We are defending the title of runner-up from a year ago! It's going to be tough, as there will be a record 27 crews at the start.

Although having fun and competing gives us a lot of excitement, we were persuaded to sail by the feeling of carefree and freedom that accompanies every voyage. Such moments are not only calming, but can also be a source of deep inspiration and thus change life for the better.

Although we feel even better when we are sailing somewhere. An azimuth, an aspiration, a goal - this gives us wings.


We are just now on MileDobra Lake, where our azimuth is to help children who, left to their own devices, may never catch a gust of wind that lasts long enough to bring them to shore.
The Ocean of Dreams Foundation develops youngsters from orphanages through sailing education. In addition to its immeasurable educational value, it provides the opportunity for vocational scholarships at maritime schools leading to the Navigator/Mechanic Officer degree.

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Anyone can participate in this charity. By contributing to a specific crew, you donate to the foundation. The competition here is just for fun, but every penny helps these children cross the ocean of struggle and secure the future they deserve.

Let's blow into these sails together and not be chased away!
We encourage you to support the case, every mile matters.

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Keep your fingers crossed for us over the weekend!