Holding 1 is a capital group operating in three sectors: car dealership (PGD Group), car renal (Express Group) and construction (Megapolis Group).

Within the frameworks of cooperation between Holding 1 Group and INTENSE Group, one of the largest commercial products of Business Intelligence class in Poland has been implemented, under which the Central Data Warehouse was created. It integrates data from all companies of the Group, which means several different data sources. The project includes:

  • Construction and filling of multi-source Central Data Warehouse
  • Integration of the obtained data
  • Cooperation with external operating systems
  • Advanced management of access rights to data
  • Implementation of innovative solutions for reporting with the system of automatic messages, alerts along with the distribution of the selected lists and analyses.
  • Creation of dedicated Manager Panels

BI Project based on INTENSE Platform has been extended by the implementation of Business Process Management class solutions supporting the processes of circulation of work and documents (INTENSE Workflow):

  • Circulation and archiving of documents taking into account the multi-company feature
  • Automation of the electronic circulation of costs
  • Recognition of OCR text
  • Analytical endorsement
  • Support of payments
  • Cooperation with e-mail systems

The scope of cooperation is gradually increased, both with new implementation areas and with services, among other things. Technical Assistance of INTENSE Group. Other projects covered:

  • Assets management
  • Management of development projects and rental of office areas