“De Heus required a system to support the processes related to the management and settlement of contractors, the design and construction of farms as well as the related administration. The program De Heus had used before for this purpose was no longer supported by the manufacturer.”

“As a solution, Kontrak introduced INTENSE Platform. This system not only allowed De Heus to replace the previous tool but also brought a new set of additional functionalities. The new functionalities that are supported by INTENSE Platform include project budgeting, contractor management and multi-company support.”

“De Heus is very satisfied with INTENSE system. Currently, with Kotrak S.A. De Heus is working on implementing a mobile application and developing the functionalities of INTENSE Platform. De Heus recommends INTENSE Platform and Kotrak as a company that easily deals with the configuration of enterprise management software as well as with the creation and implementation of bespoke IT solutions.”

K. Janssen, Manager at Agra-Matic (a De Heus company)