ALSECCO Sp. z o.o.

'The cooperation with INTENSE Group resulted in the implementation of the integrated INTENSE Platform, which provides us with the electronic circulation of invoices with the possibility of loading them directly from e-mails and integration with the financial and accounting system that has been functioning in our company so far. A complementary element is the alert and notification system that automates the system and speeds up the process itself. Thanks to the above aspects, we have limited work on paper invoices but our long-term goal is to fully computerize the entire process of their registration, circulation and archiving.

After 10 months of cooperation with INTENSE, we can clearly state that it is marked by mutual understanding and implementation of the jointly developed vision. Our goal is to develop software with new functionalities and we are glad that INTENSE Platform gives us such opportunities. In the near future we anticipate the introduction of support for the above-mentioned processes from the level of mobile and browser interface. We also hope that our cooperation with INTENSE Group will develop in the same direction as before. '

Marcin Skibiński

Director of the IT Department