Holding 1 is a capital group, operating in Poland and Slovakia in three sectors: car dealership, car rental, and construction...

The first of them includes the Companies comprising PGD Group – an unquestionable leader in the Polish automotive market for years, IP Group importing and selling Infinity cars in Poland, and Euromotor operating in Slovakia. The second sector consists of entities dealing with car rental and fleet management, comprising Express Group – the largest in Poland of this type. Megapolis Group brings together the companies conducting the investments in housing and service construction.

The level of consolidated turnover ranks Holding 1 amongst the 300 of the largest Polish enterprises.

The main activity of PGD Group is sale and post-sale support of cars based on multi-brand automotive centers. It has several dozens of dealer authorizations in eight brands: Fiat, Ford, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Seat, Suzuki and Infinity, for which the company is also the only Polish importer.

The Group is an unquestionable leader of the TOP 50 Polish dealers and of course the highest-rated Polish dealer on the European AutBiz list.