Trainings invitation: Process Automation and Print Templates

Trainings invitation: Process Automation and Print Templates


Dear Customers,

In April, we would like to invite you to two unique trainings that will open up a wide range of possibilities for automating processes and creating flexible print templates.


Process automation - using INTENSE RPA in practice

- Date: 10.04.2024 and 11.04.2024

- Duration: 10:00 - 12:30 - 2.5 hours per day (5 hours total)

- Description: During these meetings, you will learn practical examples of how to use INTENSE Robotic Process Automation, including but not limited to automation based on external files, document generation, quick data completion and use of RPA in processes, as well as creating automated, personalized e-mails, alerts and notifications.


Print templates - creating printouts using DevExpress tools and special add-ons for INTENSE Low Code Platform

- Date: 24.04.2024

- Duration: 9:00 - 14:00

- Description: During this training, we will learn how to configure various printouts, including quotes, orders, contracts and reports.

We will descrine in detail the capabilities and operation of the DX Printout Wizard along with the magical Printout Templates add-on.

INTENSE Add on Printout docx Templates, allows you to flexibly create and modify printout templates based on text files. We add a printout template as a text file with appropriate tags and with one click we can generate a printout to any document. Need to change the template? Nothing simpler - just change the text file.

Price: The standard price for each single training is 599 PLN/person.

Special Promotion: For participants of both training courses the total price is only 990 PLN/person!

Registration: Please contact us.

We encourage you to participate in our training courses, led by experienced consultants Karolina Dworak and Kamil Smeda.

We provide practical workshops in small groups and the opportunity to ask questions and consult individual cases.

You are cordially invited!

INTENSE Group Team