INTENSE Group at the Synergy Days conference in Krakow

INTENSE Group at the Synergy Days conference in Krakow


On April 20th we took part in the first conference organized this year by our longtime partner - Synergy Poland.

The conference was divided into two thematic blocks. One focused on broadly understood production, and the other, during which we had the opportunity to deliver lectures, related to information management, work flow and enterprise data analysis.

INTENSE Group's presentation was preceded by a panel discussion in which one of invited experts was our vice-president Marek Jurkowski. During the debate, issues related to choosing the right BPM class solutions were raised. Attention was paid to the need for their complexity, the possibility of self-modification and extension, following changes in organizations and running the business. A wide range of processes have been discussed. The processes that are realized with the use of management systems, automation capabilities, integration with external solutions, mobility solutions, and direct correlation with Business Intelligence reporting and analysis layers. It has been emphasized that the configuration possibilities that advanced BPM systems provide for such solutions are worth looking at in a broader, more developmental perspective than just workflow.

The scope of the discussed issues was a perfect fit and an introduction to our lecture. In addition to discussing the implementation capabilities of the INTENSE Platform requirements indicated in the discussion, we presented an example of using OCR-based workflow automation and a series of algorithms to automate and optimize the key processes of our customers. By emphasizing the possibilities of the system, we have highlighted selected unique elements of the solution - Wide configuration capabilities for BPM, project management, budgeting and controlling, integration and data exchange mechanisms - INTENSE ESB data bus.