INTENSE Platform – two premieres

INTENSE Platform – two premieres


We are pleased to announce that in April INTENSE Platform 2018.1 and INTENSE Mobile 2018.1 hit the market.

This year, we have put a lot of emphasis on mobile interface of our system. Thanks to this feature you can:

  • Add and remove documents by the mobile devices
  • Define new forms
  • Add many attachments to one document
  • Convert the values calculated on the mobile form

INTENSE Platform 2018.1 is the new release of the system, significantly expanding the possibilities of the system, optimizing the work with the app and enabling the configuration of subsequent applications. One of the most important functional innovations of the new version are definable lists of documents, introducing revolutionary possibilities of implementing further configurable elements of the INTENSE Platform. The basic assumptions that guided us while designing definable lists of documents included:

  • Allowing you to define an independent list presenting selected documents
  • Providing support for identical features that existing ‘static’ system lists have, especially own rights, filters, layouts, actions and menu items
  • Displaying documents attached to a company other than that results from the operator's login context
  • Possibilities of creating and presenting definable lists in the INTENSE Mobile solution

New version brought a number of functionalities that improve work in the system. The worth noting are:

  • Downloading contractor data from the GUS system
  • Allowing you to send a personalized message on demand without having to define a recurring task in the INTENSE Agent module
  • Functional development and changes in the XL API mechanism
  • Support for the export of memorandum items