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Business Process Improvement - Workshops at Afriso

Business Process Improvement - Workshops at Afriso


Continuous improvement is the key to increasing the efficiency of the organization - the AFRISO example.

AFRISO is a European brand with a global reach associated with a wide range of technology for environmental protection.

The Polish company AFRISO, which has represented the group on the local market for 27 years, specializes in providing solutions for the measurement and control of central heating installations. The company's up-to-the-minute inventory management, immediate handling of inquiries and technical support via hotline and chat, among other things, is due to the digitization and continuous optimization of business processes, which are a priority for the AFRISO sp. z o.o. team.


On February 7-8, 2023, we had the opportunity to spend two fruitful workshop days at the headquarters of our client AFRISO sp. z o.o. in Szałsza near Gliwice. The purpose of the visit was to analyze the use of INTENSE Platform in optimizing the client's business processes.

Workshop meetings conducted in the client's key organizational units included interviews with employees, analysis of processes and documentation. In addition to verifying that the implemented system works properly, we focused on identifying processes that require optimization, as well as those that provide the potential for further development.

Three women looking at the computer working together on processes optimization


1. Preparation of initial documentation: the client provided us with initial documentation, including a description of continuous advancement processes and methods, team structures, identification of problems, and an inventory of IT resources and architecture.

2. Workshop meetings: based on the provided documentation, we conducted a series of discussions with work teams to optimize activities.

3. Conclusions and process analysis: based on the collected data, we analyzed the processes in the context of the adopted criteria, and then compared the current system performance with expectations.

4. Suggestions for development: based on the conclusions obtained, we proposed tools and strategies to the client, including opportunities for system development and integration to achieve the expected results.

5. Setting a timetable for further work: at the end of the workshop, we discussed with the client a timetable to schedule supplementary activities to implement the proposed improvements.


The detailed analysis conducted as part of the workshop is one of the best practices to support the development process of an organization. The method, which actively involves both sides of the project, makes it possible to check whether the processes implemented in the company work as intended.

As a result of the workshop, specific processes were identified as requiring improvement. We also detected new needs and opportunities to automate and digitize additional processes that have not been supported by the system up to now.

The analysis resulted in a report summarizing the findings and observations, and given the client's interest in further process improvement, a schedule for the next steps was established. Step by step, over the past year, INTENSE Group consultants together with the AFRISO team carried out the work set out after the meeting:

  • We implemented automation in after-sales, order processing and claims handling services.
  • With INTENSE Platform's strong personalization capabilities, the application's customization was increased to meet the individual needs of users within the organization and AFRISO's customers.
  • An OCR optical character recognition mechanism was implemented for sales processes.
  • We digitized the process of vehicle mileage records, allowing users to comfortably enter data from our mobile app.


Discussions held before, during and after the workshop demonstrated the need for change and resulted in concrete proposals for further development. The submitted proposals received AFRISO's approval, and the implemented changes contributed to increasing the comfort of employees, speeding up process handling and increasing the efficiency of operations.

On April 4-5 this year we again visited AFRISO sp. z o.o. sharing knowledge and exchanging experiences. We again detected a couple of circuits to optimize/automate. The conducted presentation of new INTENSE capabilities will soon result in new circuits for the customer.

The process of conducting an analysis should not be a one-time event, but a cyclical process that allows for continuous improvement and adaptation to the changing needs of the organization. This is the model of cooperation we implement with AFRISO sp. z o.o. which allows the organization not only to maintain but also to increase its competitiveness in the market.

We also encourage other companies to benefit from our business process optimization services. Our experienced consultants are ready to visit your company and conduct a detailed analysis, tailored to the specifics of your business. With our personalized approach, we will be able to find optimal solutions to help increase the efficiency and competitiveness of your business.

We encourage you to contact us to schedule a meeting and start a cooperation that will bring you nothing but benefits.

INTENSE Group Team