New version of INTENSE Platform

New version of INTENSE Platform


We are pleased to inform you that the 2019.3 versions of INTENSE Platform and INTENSE Mobile is already in the distribution.

New INTENSE Mobile has undergone a visual metamorphosis and has been enriched with a number of new features such as:

  1. Panels - single-screen data sets:

This is a new object in the web application divided into areas where you can configure your own data sets and display them on one workspace. This visualization is effective, convenient and shows a complete image with an immediate possibility to look inside (showing the full list). Using this object, you can group data, e.g. in the context of a project or time. Such a tool will certainly facilitate the analysis and search of information. It is possible to create multiple panels and easily switch between them from the application menu.

  1. Data export to Excel:

It is possible to export content to an Excel file from any definable list, items, elements and SQL list. Thanks to this, each data set can be transferred to an Excel file with one click.

  1. Advanced analytical description:

It is available in both a web and mobile application, you can create a description of the header, position or a description combined in the same way as in the desktop application.

  1. Mobile OCR:

It allows automation of mobile processes. Thanks to the dedicated extension, you can run OCR document from the form level. One click is enough for the attached attachment to be read by the OCR engine and the form to be filled in with the data read.

  1. Links to various objects:

The links allow you to quickly switch between different elements of the application, e.g. from the invoice level, you can display the related order or project card with one click.

INTENSE Platform version 2019.3 also has a lot of new features:

  1. White list of VAT payers:

From September 2019, the so-called the white list of VAT payers, therefore Intense Platform has been equipped with the functionality of verification of the contractor and his bank numbers using the website and methods provided by the Ministry of Finance. Additionally, predefined Bank dictionaries were created. The Bank Account form on the Counterparty has also been modified.

  1. Prints and actions:

You can export and import SQL action definitions. The exported action is saved to the indicated location in a file, so we can import it into the same or another database. A new dynamic parameter ELM_FFLID has been made available for use on fields on the element definition. This parameter stores the ID value of the element list.

Actions have been equipped with new types of parameters:

  • date and time field - allows entering the date and time with an accuracy of one second;
  • descriptive field - allows entering longer text with enter keys
  • drop-down list (grid) gridlookup with SQL definition - to define a SQL query that creates a list of values.

  1. Definable objects and generating objects:

The function of moving between element, item and document definition databases - export / import of object definitions has been introduced. It is also possible to export and import definitions and actions for generating objects.

  1. Extensions:

A method has been added to the Intense.Extension.dll extension to enable OCR to be read on the specified document. The standard extension has been enriched with a method that allows you to load a file with the list of Postal Address Numbers into Intense Platform. Downloading contractor data from the Central Statistical Office is currently available not only from the level of the contractor's card, but also as a method in the Intense.Workflow.dll extension.

We encourage you to upgrade INTENSE Platform to version 2019.3. There are a lot of new products that will not only be visible, but also significantly improve the work!