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How to create a World Cup tipster system?

How to create a World Cup tipster system?


The World Cup 2018 is at its best but alongside with the sport emotions a lot of people are excited by the typing the results. If you are an user of INTENSE Platform it is quite easy for you to create your own tipster system and play with your co-workers.

It just happens that our company is a happy user of the INTENSE Platform (you’re surprised, aren’t you?). It is every day used by us for workflow, project management, budgeting, reporting, work automation and advanced modeling in data warehouse.

When we decided to create our tipster system and had to choose the software in which to do it INTENSE Platform was the obvious choice. Right after the creation we could conclude that our system is a solution which:

  • has a full record of matches
  • automatically generates typing documents for the contestants
  • allows to play by web browser and mobile application
  • controls correctness of types and stops abuses
  • reminds about upcoming matches
  • includes the rank of the matches depending on any criteria
  • automatically calculates and provides the ranking of players at any time of play

The process of creation the system lasted no longer than few hours and it was realized using standard functionalities of INTENSE Platform.

We encourage you to use INTENSE Platform in many ways, also unconventional, because the system gives you unlimited possibilities.